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      The conception of people oriented
      People oriented, means respect of labor, knowledge, talent and creation.

      People oriented, means providing a stage for talents to show their abilities.


      Salary:  negotiable

      Working place:  Yueyanglou District
      Date posted:  26/10/2017
      Job nature:  full-time
      Working experience:  3-5 years
      Education background:  Diploma at least
      Recruiting member:  1
      Job category:  foreign sales


      Duties and requirements:
      1.Major: International trading, e-commerce, business English, marketing, and related majors, good at listening, speaking, writing in English.

      2.Familiar with the process and all the links of import and export business. We require diploma education background at least but if you are excellent enough we can still consider even if you come from a technical secondary school.

      3.Good health, having a good teamwork sense and cooperate ability, working hard, step by step for each work.


      Job duties and requirements for domestic sales:
      1.Chemical, material, and marketing majors will be preferred,  Diploma degree or above, experienced will be preferred.

      2.Standard  mandarin, good communication , amiable and enthusiastic. Be familiar with  Office software, with a strong desire to advance and sense of responsibility, reliable and having teamwork spirit.

      3.Establishing ,maintaining, and managing customers’ profiles; Seeking potential clients and decision makers, finding clients’ information and demands, developing and maintaining potential customers, and carrying out marketing activities.

      4.Communicating with customers regularly, responding to customers’ inquiries,   learning about situation of other competitors; setting solutions to customers based on their requirements, visiting customers to achieve cooperation.

      5.Helping customers solving such problems as deliver delay, product usage, invoice issuance etc; following up next orders in time and new product requirements.

      6.Maintaining regular customers and potential customers regularly,  establishing good relationship with customers, understanding what customers need and competition situation to adjust sales programs.

      7.Assisting manager in maintaining and developing potential customers and key  customers to get more superior clients.

      8.Finishing the related tasks according to the company’s  requires, and summarizing monthly sales performance as well.